Tupperware Hand Juicer Easy To Grind Or Press - Juist 500ml

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Product description:

Size : 10.9cm (D) x 19.3cm (H) / 500ml

There is a difference between using a machine and hand squeezing your own juices.

To reap the full nutritional benefits of juicing, using JUIST will preserve more essential nutrients for your consumption rather than using machine-operated juices.

- Spout at strainer allows rapid juice flow

- Base allows500ml of juice capacit

- Rubber silicon base prevents slipping

- Made with holes to filter seeds

- Pour easy with spout at base

- Strainer separates the pulp and juice.

Great Tips :

- Open Twister top and fill up with rice grains to crush fruits easy.

- Clean any leftover fruit from the side of the strainer.

- Use a brush to clean the strainer thoroughly.

- Clean the product gently to prevent scratches.

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