Tupperware My First FreezerMate Set of 5 - Purple Lids

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Product description:

FreezerMate Small I 250ml x1
FreezerMate Small II 650ml x1
FreezerMate Small III 1.0L x1
FreezerMate Junior II 290ml x2

FreezerMates are the ultimate freezing companions for the homemaker. They are designed to freeze more efficiently in a user-friendly way. The more FreezerMates you collect, the more portions of freshness you can freeze in modular, stackable ways... the less waste.

Why FreezerMate?

• Flexible seal with tab for easy removal.

• Level indicators allow room for expansion as food with liquid freezes.

• Specially designed base prevents slipping.

• Rounded corners and recessed bottoms allow cold air circulation around stackable containers, for fast freezing.

FreezerMate made to keep frozen food fresh

• Fast freeze, fast thaw.

• Prolongs freshness.

• Reduces contamination.